Thursday, February 04, 2010

magic = tragic

I haven't a clue what's inside, 
but I know I want to lick every page.
And, I'm positive that it's GAH-MAZING;
and that she'll be wildly successful 
at whatever she decides to do.

Srsly. Best. Quote. Ever.

Though, my equation would probably look more like:
magic < tragic


  1. I bet the pages taste like marshmallow dust.

    That's what pure talent tastes like.

  2. omg! you guys are nuts. right now there's nothing much inside because I'm afraid that once all of the bottled up awesomeness that's inside my head hits paper, it'll look like major crapola. right now only the Martha Stewart gold rub on letters are keeping me motivated to open it up.

    Oh, and the math is a little more like:
    LIFE=MAGIC+TRAGIC (wherein magic = tragic)


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