Sunday, February 21, 2010


dear w&m,

what does your wedding/engagement ring look like? i'm about to get engaged & it's so hard for me to choose!!! you also seem like not-the-average-chick so... where did you find your inspiration? halp!!!

First, howdy! Thanks for the question 
Second, congrats!
Third, what 'chu talking 'bout Willis? 

My engagement/wedding (2-in-1) ring is the platinum Tiffany Etoile band pictured above. Inspiration? Huh?? My lovely R picked it out for me. Your question made me wonder why everything has to be "inspired" these days. Why can't things just be?? Don't worry so much. Just go with the flow and enjoy the moment.

ps. I really liked it when you called me "not-the-average-chick," it makes me feel very ~*cool*~.
pps. Do women pick out their engagement rings now-a-day? Is that, like, a thing?
ppps. I'm not an authority on weddings (or anything else for that matter... take it with a grain of salt.)


  1. I love the Etoile band, you are a lucky girl. I thought it would be what I would pick as an engagement ring but when I found Mr. Right, he had inherited a diamond solitaire from his great grandmother. It required a traditional setting. Yes, girls pick out their own engagement rings sometimes, I did only because I knew several girls that loved the guy, but weren't so fond of the rings they were presented (oh, and I am a control freak).

  2. Mine is a 100-year-old "keeper" ring from an antique store in Bath, England. It's a wide yellow gold band with three tiny etched flowers.

    Hubz did good.

  3. wow, both of yours sound so special.

  4. I told him what I wanted but my darling boy gave me his mother's ring (she wanted me to have it, I promise!).

    Totally not what I wanted and because of that I love it. A wonderful sapphire ring.

  5. My first engagement ring was a black plastic cable tie. My second was a £10 eternity ring from ebay that was too big so I wore it on my middle finger. People were horrified 'you NEED a real ring' they said. What do you know? We made it to the altar anyway. Turns out that the ring isn't actually that important to the whole getting married thing.

  6. I'll confess that I picked out my own ring -- my husband asked me to. It's an itty-bitty little rosecut diamond in recycled yellow gold. It seemed so unusual when I got engaged and now they're all over the place. Oh well, I still love it.

  7. My bestie from high school took her engagement ring to a jeweler as soon as her fiance gave it to her. She told him she needed to have it resized, but the truth was she thought it was hidsville and she had the stone put in a different setting. I am guessing he noticed it wasn't just smaller.

    They're divorced now.

  8. hilarious, kdub.

    my engagement ring is not something i wouldve ever picked out for myself. and its perfect. and i love hearing the story of josh standing at the jewelry counter for literal hours trying to decide which one to get.

  9. I left a magazine ad surreptitiously on his bedside table and went on and on about how I wanted a vintage engagement ring someday. He happened to go to my FAVORITE antique mall (Antiquarious, R.I.P) and picked out something completely different than the magazine page I left. I have the most beautiful ring I've ever seen. He, basically, knew me better than I knew myself.

  10. congrats, girl! What a gorgeous ring!

  11. wait? what the hell am I saying? You've been married for yonks! Sorrysorrysorry...

    but still, it's a gorgeous ring.

  12. I picked mine out because I'm a raging bitch--I MEAN, I'm very particular--so H would never have dared. Plus I did the proposing. Sort of. Anyhoo, it's a cast-silver version of a vintage cocktail ring, with a spray of cast-silver non-diamonds.


  13. This made me so happy.
    Your ring is so gorgeous and so w&m and all the ladies described their rings/reasons behind their choices so well.
    I picked out my ring sorta- I say sorta bc who knows if he'll go for it. On valentines day we went and ordered it but the lady called back saying it's not available. (fingers crossed this is just a ploy) I hate wishful thinking.
    I explained to the boy that I want a raw diamond, I hope he follows suit.

  14. @wool and misc: you proposed too?
    oh can you please tell the story, liv really got curious.

  15. when the husband & i first started looking around for rings, i jokingly fell is love with a *gorgeous*, thick band of diamonds (i've never even been a diamond kinda girl... but this was freaking stunning).

    i never expected that ring in a million years... but the hubby ended up having it custom made... and it's fabulous. i feel like a goddess every time i put it on...

    [photo here:]

  16. i have serious ring envy for every one of these stories.


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