Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The seventh sign


Are you fucking kidding me??!??!?? What kind of self-aggrandizing, delusional douchebloggery do we have here??? JESUS CHRIST. I need a cold shower & another cold beer. You're fucking with me, right? OKOKOK, I should sign off and do some homework now. Sheesh!

< / end rant >

<  rant >

EDIT: HAHAHA, it gets better!! You PAY the low price of $129.00 for registration if you're a member, plus an $8.08 fee. If you're a lowly non-member, your price for registration is $199.00, plus a $11.94 fee. A no brainer!

< / end rant > (srsly.)


  1. ahahahaha, indeed.

    And 'douchebloggery'? LOVE it.


  2. I think I just threw up on my keyboard.

  3. Mwahhh hahahahahahah!

    But with such a great name, how could it fail?

  4. BAHAHA.
    Douchebloggery may be the greatest [non]word I've ever, ever, EVER heard. Brilliant. You're my hero; I've said it before, I'll say it a ton more.

  5. I like paying to make fucking small talk. What's YOUR problem?


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