Saturday, March 06, 2010

Bucket List

No. 11
  1. Discover my dream career path & get the fuck on it already
  2. Play in a band
  3. Go to the Dairy Queen that looks like a barn on Scottsdale Rd.
  4. Learn how to read & write Chinese 學會閱讀和書寫中文
  5. Write a book
  6. Get a photo or drawing reblogged on Tumblr
  7. Live in a big city 
  8. Learn how to cook
  9. Ride a train in a foreign country Darjeeling Ltd style
  10. Make "fuck you" money
  11. Fill this noggin with some gold teef
  12. Visit a fjord
  13. Mentor someone, a child? Wait... not sure that's such a good idear...
  14. Go back to school for fun & the sake of learning
  15. See the Northern Lights
  16. Drive cross country
  17. Swim in the Dead Sea
  18. Obtain a fancy camera and use it
  19. Volunteer for Meals on Wheels (I ♥ shut ins)
  20. Nap in a grassy field
No. 2


  1. What a great question--the sad thing is, I think I only have a few items: ride in a helicopter, go parasailing, and go far enough out in the ocean (on a boat) that I can't see light from the shore. Haven't thought about it long enough to make a good list!

  2. Remember when boobs used to look like this?

  3. That's a really nice Mosrite bass.

  4. I need to make one of these. NUmber 17 would be on mine, I can tell you that!

  5. You are officially my favorite person on the planet.
    You knocked Gracie from 5 minutes ago off the roster.

    Great boobs.
    10. should be make "fuck off" money.
    These banners will be a goldmine.

    On my list is own one of these.

  6. I think you pretty much wrote the list for me. I certainly recognize a lot of these as life endeavors I'd like to achieve. Athough, my list would exceed over 20 as with you, I'm sure. "So many things to do, so little time."

  7. I've totally done #3 & #16. But what's important here is that I've done #3. And what's even more important is that we have one here that looks like that,too! So, come over & I'll take you to it. But you'll probably have to wait until May for that because until then, they are CLOSED. Oh, the humanity.

  8. If you live in my big city, I will bring you coffee at the park when you are blue one day and wishing you lived someplace else.

  9. mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I wanna work on my list.

  10. amanda, that would be so very.

  11. I love your list, and there are so many things I think I have to steal for my own!

  12. I almost got a gold tooth a few months ago for my Crown but they talked me out of it bcuz it was so close to the front of my mouth. I chickened out.


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