Tuesday, March 16, 2010


My blood pressure has been up lately. Rising, sloshing, boiling. It's safe to say that one can't operate on mere fumes for a sustained period of time. Desperately needing a reprise from the churn, but can't seem to see any end in sight. 

Work/school balance has left little ration for life. I keep saying that I'll start living next year. That both depresses and excites me. I'll be a better everything next year. A better friend, better wife, better writer, better reader, better penpal...and on and on and on. 

I wish I had one of those Adam Sandler fast forward life remotes. Of course, I didn't see the movie so I never learned the morals/repercussions of ffwding one's life. If not the remote, then can I get a little Christopher Walken?

Thinking about each and every one of you often,


  1. I can TOTALLY relate! Those thoughts drove me to bloggin

  2. copy, paste and insert into MM.

    I miss you loads.


  3. you too, g! i feel your pain over here, and keep thinking about how after next year, i'll be done with grad school and finally able to enjoy my life without crazy time restraints. you're a great friend and i'm rooting for you! you can do it -- we both can! xoxo

  4. thanks, friends. you are lovelier than lovely.

  5. next year will be here before you know it, and the chaos will all be but a distant memory...

    and please -- keep the blood pressure down... you're too young for any sort of weird heart malfunction :)

    ps. where are those photos from? love 'em.


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