Sunday, April 11, 2010

Banner Day

I made this to help you celebrate your utter lack of enthusiasm.

Available in the freshly launched Pour Porter shop!
ps. They have HASBEENS


  1. Yay! I saw it in the store and knew it must be your handiwork.

  2. what over traits do you have hiding over here???

    hasbeens....drool. but it's too hot for the booties, i'm lusting after the clogs..the fugly mom ones.

  3. HOORAY! HOORAY for you and your clever meh!

  4. AHHHH! I saw this and thought of how awesome it was, a more entertaining take on the banner trend...clearly I can't read blurbs and realize it was you who made it...

  5. dude - me and the mans 10 yr versary is coming up and I am going to take the garland you made with our names on it and slap that sucka on our hotel door for two nights (I'd do it longer but that is as long as we have child care for). good for you for putting your talents out there for cash. love the meh.


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