Friday, April 02, 2010


Words can't express how proud I am of my friend, N. She's a fascinating, brave lady who is takin' a chance, followin' her dreams, & makin' shit happen. (I be droppin' G's like Sarah Palin!) A true inspiration. Happiest of birthdays to you! ♥

The Pour Porter shop launches in a few weeks. I hope you'll "pop on in" and check it out. You can follow along on Twitter for updates.

ps. remember this? PP+W&M = fun times
pps. more to come!


  1. Aw, buddy I love you! Thanks again for the beautiful card and etc (so awesome). And thank you for the shout out. We are so so close-we may even launch next week. Thank you, thank you amazing lady. :)

  2. Since I am unable to stop buying stuff off the interwebs, and since it comes with such a glowing reference...I hope she doesn't ship to Australia!

  3. happy birthday.
    What a blessing to have such an adoring friend.

    She's a talented lil lady.


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