Monday, April 19, 2010

The End

I just discovered the calligraphy brush in Photoshop.
Blasphemous, I know. I'm sorry.
Here's a quote that I find myself saying often [to myself in the mirror].


  1. i never knew that second half existed. Did you make it up? It's genius and I now will say it - stuart smiley style in the mirror.

  2. no, i wish! i read it somewhere and can't find the source. i've also seen it attributed to paulo coehlo.

    hahahaha, SENATOR stuart smalley :)

  3. I need that quotation nearly everyday.

  4. I love this quote. I took a letterpress class and was using this for the quote for my project until the teacher gave me this look like maybe it was just a little too... heavy? Yeah, so I quoted Sinatra instead.

  5. it looks a lot like arabic arabic quote I will say to myself now, too, in addition to the two whole lines I remember from that semester I spent learning name is megan. I study art history...


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