Monday, April 19, 2010

Self Censoring

Hate to be a goddamn prude, but 
a tit bit worried about getting flagged.

This betty matches W&M perfectly!
Dearmadilloed version here.


I'm not really accustomed to calling women "betties" 
(or women "women" for that matter) 
I blame Miles for the vernacular.

Anyhow, not against nippage, per se. 
I've been known to sprinkle some in here and there.

Nips as a side dish, ok.
But this bitch is just servin' it up, main course style.

They're SO tiny not like it even matters!


  1. I like "sticks." as in getaway sticks. That Miles is such a cutie.

  2. betty=hot girl. not sure this is a betty.

  3. I like my girls sad , skinny, and soggy... hahahahaha

  4. her nips aren't THAT small...but she is majorly anor...

    I'm in an abbreviating phase

  5. heh heh. "sad, skinny & soggy"

  6. this is in the name of high fashion here...not smut. clearly different even if nips are out there ;)

    The LOVE magazine blog got flagged and pulled - such a bummer

  7. i quite enjoy a main serving of nip every now and then! hahah that felt weird to say, for sure.

  8. I don't get all the hub bub about nippage. I put some arty nippage out there (not my own - a public service to be sure) and got flagged and then had to move my shit onto Typepad, where censorship is not so much of an issue. But why is the bare booby ok and not the nip? I am genuinely confused.

    P.S. Love your pasties.

  9. I remember that, P.!!! That was TOTAL BS.


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