Tuesday, April 06, 2010

"That's the $575,468.88 question..."

A sneak peek at the bullslush that fills my brain when I should be writing a final case paper for my Finance 502 class. But, hey, this counts, right? It has numbers and dollar signs in it!


  1. i love pointless distractions that help put off schoolwork lol

  2. haha this is awesome! I do this at work actually (with property prices). Inflation makes me laugh and alternately cry.

  3. eeeeeehehehehe this is awesome...I always wondered how Don Draper's salary from 1960 would compare to today-money...or was $5 grand his bonus...b/c $36 g's is not that much...hmmmm

  4. yeeeps.
    I bought a pair of deadstock 1972 overalls.
    The tag read $12... I bought em for $42.

    Imma go check that out.


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