Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I smoked in the girls room.
I shoved people into lockers.
I snuck out windows in the middle of the night.
I ditched class.
I kissed boys.
I more than kissed boys.
I talked shit.
I got hit (by large Puerto Rican girls).
I vandalized.
I dispensed sneers.
I pilfered a tie dyed bikini, various sundries.
I dabbled with pills, drugs.
I dyed my hair with koolaid, manic panic.
I shaved my head.
I raided dad's liquor cabinet.
I pierced my ears, navel with safety pins.
I kind of miss being bad. 


  1. fuck yeah! this post - pics, list, song all awesome!

  2. In an alternate universe, you and I are best friends. We go to the mall together. We go to gallery openings together. We sit and laugh ourselves silly together...no one is immune to our snarky judgements. If you come home and your husband had been cut out of all of your wedding pictures, it was probably me...just so you know.

  3. you're a bad influence. (i mean that in a good way).

  4. you know, i never shoved people.

  5. such a bad girl
    i would never have thought it

  6. I think I have the same exact picture of my holding a... smoke to my bff's mouth, 15 years ago.

    Ah, memories!

  7. i was a late bloomer. you've seen (and heard) some of my badness.

    and, woah, YOU pilfered a tie-dye bikini? could it be? there is some hippie in you after all?


  8. Samantha-- thank you! So nice to have you here. <3

    Girl Domestic (what is your name?), I love this little vignette. I'd REALLY love to do all of that with you. Who knows, maybe this life will be kind to us and our paths may cross?

    Mouse, are you going to change the name of the blog to BadMouse/BadMouse?

    Naurnie, why thank you!

    Jamie, but should you have?

    Tracy, Teehee, sweet on the outside, no one ever expected a thing.

    Erin, SCAN! Yes, the good old days.

    S, HAHA- you were a bad girl. I did. It was from 5-7-9 (hello 5th amendment?) and it was green and white. Maybe just a teense, but that was back when everyone like the Dead & burned incense. Right before the grunge phase.

    XOXOXOXO YOU GUYS! You're the best.

  9. wonderful! I miss being a bad girl too, although I still am in many ways... but I see myself above such simple 'morals' anyway ;)

  10. I was a good kid like a super GOOD kid. But you wanna know the truth? I really wanted to be bad I just got caught with anything I did so I stopped

  11. CORBETT!!!!!!!! How awesome is your name?!?!??!? you must email me sometime. I can't find a contact on GD.

    S., yes, we scoff at your simple morals! You oft look like a bad ass.

    Richie, You were SMART! That's why I'm not having kids, karma would bite me in the ass.


  12. i was bad*. according to some i'm still bad**. i think i'm the nicest naughty girl i know though <3

    *i was more of a "class clown" type of bad growing up.
    **now i'm more of a "tell it like it is" type of bad.

  13. Oh, this makes me want to be bad. This is the good bad.

  14. I respected my peers and elders.
    I volunteered at animal shelters.
    I was in the National Honors Society.
    I lied to my parents once and felt so bad that I confessed, cried and apologized.
    I didn't have alcohol until I was 21.

  15. Mary, YOU HAVE WON!

    ain't no good to be a teengenerate.

  16. i miss raiding the rent's liquor cabinet... at least then it was free.

  17. see you in hell! that is where all of the fun people will be. :)

  18. You make my adolescence seem so fucking boring.

  19. (hygienic, but boring)

    (no safety pin piercings for me. Nuh huh, no way.)


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