Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Guest Post: now, voyager

heeeeeey dudes! it's cat from now, voyager and i'm here to share with you a list of things that i've been feeling especially brocktoon about lately. first up, this skit and saying the word "brocktoon". try it, it's fun!

-i'm loving the mociun tumblr as it helps my brocktooning of the inner workings of mociun.

-watching {and re-watching} the state and wishing i was in a 1994 ken marino/michael showalter sandwich. yeah. louie + doug = love.

-finally signing up for twitter just to read david lynch's feed. i still don't quite understand the appeal, but i love this.

-creating emoji txt patterns. and sending emoji txts in general.

-this jil sander men's s/s 2010 ikb suit, but, you know, for me.

-reading and loving and learning from 90's woman.

-hanging out with my amazing goddaughter tilley, who just turned 1.


  1. I will allow this baby on W&M because she is wearing a TUTU!

  2. Ahhh, my boyfriend and I have been State-ing it up lately, too! I nearly peed my skirt watching the Muppet killing sketch...

  3. @esb - a DIY tutu and birthday crown with dinosaurs on it. she is a cool dude {wherein ladybabies can also be "dudes"}

  4. mociun on tumblr! 90s women!

    now voyager on W&M!

    you have coolness emitting from the blog pores, G!


  5. the state is the best thing ever, next to the young ones!


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