Thursday, June 24, 2010

Have a seat

A good sofa, couch is so many things. A friend, a confidant, your most ardent supporter. It embraces you when you're downtrodden and depressed. It bounces with you when you're happy and at your best. It's a host, a womb, a sanctuary, a nest. Lay on it, sit on it, eat on it, fuck on it, sleep on it. Do what you will. 

It keeps your secrets tucked away between cushions. Historical accounts of your life archived in dust, crumbs, sloughed off bits of you. Teddy Ruxpin got lost in a green one with wicker arms. I lost my virginity behind a green leather one with recliner seats. 

What's your most treasured sofa saga?

photo by lillian & leonard, with thanks.


  1. sunday naps and sprawling out while watching movies.

  2. I first saw your photo .... I need to get it now.

    lillian & leonard thanks for nice post.


  3. I loved that sofa.

    Ours is Victorian. It has a mahogany frame and is stuffed with horsehair. It's huge and not squashy and unbelievably heavy and I don't love it.

  4. Once I was back-packing in Cesky Krumlov and there was this backpacker (actually I think he was from Melbourne, which is a bit lame, no sexy accent) and I was staying in a dorm with my sister so the couch was the only place that was private and...I'd better not share that story, actually.

    I attended a friend's 21st birthday party one December night back in 2001, at his parents' house (we all still lived with our parents until we graduated from med school). I think I ate a whole bowl of Cheezels (a snacky food kind of like Cheetos and the same bright orange American cheese colour). I also probably had a fair bit of champagne and beer and vodka and punch and wine (who am I kidding, I KNOW I did because that's what I did every weekend those days). Anyway, I was sitting inside, on my friend's parents' sofa, when I spewed ALL OVER my lap and the sofa. In front of his ultra-conservative Jewish mother. And it was BRIGHT ORANGE (the vomit, not the sofa). Fortunately the sofa was black leather and was easily hosed off. I couldn't say the same for my outfit. I ended up borrowing a pair of Homer Simpson boxer shorts from some guy, to wear on the trip home (in my friend's car. She wasn't too happy).

  5. we found our monolithic ten-foot ad agency refugee hell's kitchen sofa (so called because we lived there, not because it was sulfurous, at least not at first) on craigslist. when we showed up in queens to see it in person it turned out the previous owner grew up five minutes from me in cali and had a one-eyed cat, so of course it was lucky and we had it for years and years and years.

  6. Peonies, that photo spoke to my soul. Thank you for taking it. (and not minding that i ganked it.) xooxoxoxo

  7. Dear Jone,

    Put down the crack pipe.


  8. we still don't have a sofa.

    no wonder my life feels incomplete.

  9. I found my blue velour sofa in Denver while riding my bike around with a friend one day - we're alley shoppers. There was a lot of furniture in front of a house because this chick was moving, and my friend spotted a table a chairs he wanted to buy off her. Turns out she was getting rid of most her furniture and asked if he wanted a couch for $50. He didn't, but I very much needed one. It was a large L-shape but perfectly fit into my garage apartment. I left Denver 6 months later and sold it for only $50 to the guy I was dating, which is the biggest regret of my life. He still has it, and I told him that if he EVER thinks of getting rid of it, to contact me first - I will pay for shipping it, it was the best couch in the world, see?:

  10. Hello- lovely words about sofa's. so true. Would you mind if I borrowed them for my blog (with full and proper credit?)

    our best wedding present was a sofa from my misters parents. We chose it from a junk shop in Battersea and had it reupholstered in Liberty fabric. Still love it.


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