Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Twenty (Ten) Nineties

I'm not about to wax poetic on the 90s, because it seems as though everyone is already doing enough of that these days. It totally reminds me of that Eightball panel about The Future.

With that said, do you remember when Music Television actually played MUSIC?

Oh, p.s. check out this photo that we found of R's bedroom in high school. Doesn't it just make you ache?

Three words that will make you want to slit your wrists:
  1. Green. 
  2. Day. 
  3. Musical.


  1. i never knew you were a dan clowes fan! why haven't we discussed this!

  2. what's become of the world.

  3. Do you also remember when we didn't have to strip nearly naked to walk through airport security? And 7 year olds carried nintendos instead of cell phones to school? And Mel Gibson was like God?

    meh, I'm not big on the 90s revival.

  4. i admit i'm kind of meta-fascinated with nineties girl. shouldn't her answer to everything be "mudhoney!" or "bridget fonda in a hat!"?

  5. NO NO NO NO NO I went to the link why did I do that? I'm just gonna take your word for it from now on.

  6. I spent the majority of my time in the eighties not exactly remembering the eighties, other than blue grass concerts and camping, and MTV did not play in my house until the early 2000's. It is safe to ask, "Did MTV EVER play music??"

  7. so, kind of hilarious... mtv premiered in 1984. ALL they played were videos; about 12 of them in rotation to be exact. it was the only channel i was allowed to watch besides sesame street. i think my mom was confused when i wanted to be madonna for halloween in the second grade. to her credit, she was a single parent and that shit is hard.

    let's see...

    green day sucks and ALWAYS has. they're basically the U2 of the "edgier" soccer mom.

    that's all i've got. except for creepers and vans, i've pretty much blocked the 90s out. i really don't like thinking of the time i got my period, had bad hair, lost my virginity, went to prom, started college and thought i was a grown-up, and all that bullshit.

    although... jane fonda in a hat is a very good memory.

  8. i love how every guy i knew in high school had a ceiling poster. like it was 90s mandatory interior - usually drew barrymore a la Guess or Crazy Love. Oy...

  9. Oh no, a musical? Will they have to learn two more chords to go with the three they know already? Poor Green Day.

  10. remember when John Stewart wasn't John Stewart?
    How about when the real world had ugly people?


  11. I saw an ad for the Green Day musical when I was in NYC and I wanted to puke. I'm curious what demographic they're playing to. C'est strange.


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