Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Personal & the Pizzas is my new favorite band. I mean, check. out. this. box. set. If I'm still alive, and they're still around, I've asked R to book them for my 30th birthday party. It will be a pizza* party, obvs. I hope you will all come. 

What I would wear to a Personal & the Pizzas show:
Circa 1988
Papa Ginos - Marlborough, MA

*Note to self: Look in to the price of having Papa Gino's imported.


  1. awww hell yeah! great band name and they sound fan-friggin-tastic. i love the guitar.

  2. hahaha sweet name for a band. sounds like a sick party too.

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  4. Side note, the top photo looks like Iggy, and today I gushed over this and thought you probably would too :)

  5. I keep thinking that necklace in teh polyvore picture is a merkin.

    I'm stuck at work on a Friday afternoon, even though I've done all my work, because I'm carrying the cardiac arrest page. Therefore I'm bored. I wrote you a haiku.

    My cunt smells cunty
    My fart stink is fartastic
    How am I breathing?


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