Friday, August 06, 2010

Go Go Black and Gold!

Jacques // 2005
31 x 24 inches // Oil on birch panel

I don't like nor follow sports. But I like (and dislike) certain teams, on principle alone.

I like and will always like:
  • Any team Steve Nash is on
  • The Celtics ---Boston Garden parquet inspired my home decor.
  • The Bruins ---Though I can't say I've ever watched more than 5 mins of hockey. (Been looking for an xsmall thread-worn vintage black bruins tee. If anyone ever comes across on, please let me know!) 
  • The Boston Red Sox ---Hey, I grew up in Mass, OK?!?
  • The NY Giants --- Always chose to be them while playing Steve Madden Nintendo with my brother.
  • The Atlanta Braves ---Because I LURVE the politically incorrect tomahawk chop.
  • The Cubs --- Good logo, nice uniforms.
  • The Green Bay Packers ---I like those cheese hats & Something About Mary.
I hate and will always hate:
  • The Oakland Raiders---because their fans suck.
  • The LA Lakers--- Kobe Bryant is a rapist.
  • The NY Yankees ---Duh.
  • The San Antonio Spurs--- They are low down dirty cheaters & Tim Duncan's hairline.
  • The Dallas Cowboys--- Annoying.

OK. I've managed to sufficiently bore myself. I promise never to talk sports again... unless it's about Steve Nash being a party monster.

Who's your fave/least fave & why?


  1. I have no opinion on sporting teams (or I'm just too lazy and uncompetitive to think of one) but I do love the title of this post because Black & Gold is just about the cheapest, shittest generic grocery brand in Australia (and therefore close to my heart).

  2. yes


  3. I recently married into a Duke family. I am required now to watch Duke basketball. However, it took me a long time to realize I was enjoying it. I cuss at the TV now. I also like them bc they won the national championship the same week as our wedding + Willie was ecstatic.

    I also like whatever baseball team my sister's bf plays for. He got drafted by the Florida Marlins last year + is a major badass.

  4. CLEVELAND BROWNS!!! How could I forget?!?!?

  5. Oh, goodie, we shall remain friends now. For I do not follow sports, either; but as my boyfriend is ALSO a Masshole, must and forever worship the Red Sox and hate the Yankees. Hurrah!

  6. I am mostly disinterested in sports as well, but I've developed a couple favorites:

    The Pittsburgh Penguins, because Pittsburgh is awesome and I kind of have a thing for Sydney Crosby.

    The Indianapolis Colts, but only because Peyton Manning makes sometimes funny commercials and donates his earnings from said commercials to charity (I think).

    The ones I dislike?
    Dallas Cowboys & Philadelphia Eagles- Both have mostly ridiculously stupid, ridiculously arrogant fans.
    Phillies- Because being sober when a game is on, no matter the time, is basically considered a crime.
    And the Yankees.

  7. I only like the Colts by proxy, if you must know. Karen O'Conner is kick ass. I also really like soccer boyz.

    In case you wanted to know, I've "given" you an "award" on my blog, which you are free to go and revel in the awesomeness of that + pay it forward, if you so chose.

  8. Portland Trail Blazers fan from birth to death, and, as a result, lifelong hater of the Lakers AND the Bulls (also Michael Jordan, which I know is basically illegal but whatever I still hate him).
    Also: hello!

  9. i think we all know how i feel about steve nash.

  10. the raiders? what you got against mexicans?!


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