Tuesday, August 03, 2010

C is for:

You know what fixes everything? 
Beer and lorazepam. 

Also, good friends who see things that remind them of you and take the time to let you know. I love every bit of these delicious internet morsels. You know me so well. Although... tell me what you really think of me, HAH!

(Thanks, Celia & ESBx2)


  1. "Cunty" is such a cute word. It is a softer version of another favourite adjective, "cuntish".

    I am prescribing lorazepam all over the place this week. My patients love me, like I love you.

  2. PS there's no sic about it.

  3. Does that first one come as a postcard?

    Beer + lorazepam = winning inpatient combination. I get a very quiet night's sleep when on call when the patients are loaded up on that shit.

    (Although, I'm sure that as a responsible doctor I'm meant to tell you that combining your sedatives like that is bad for you. Or something... Mmmm...)

  4. ps. NOT taking ambien tonight ;) that counts, right?

  5. Two out of two doctors agree, that wool&misc is bad for your health (but feels so good).


  6. So I'm going to be needing that first one as a print please. To hang in the nursery, alongside the Lolita poster.

  7. ...Forget postcards, I wish I had the balls to say that to someone's face. AND W&M is excellent for your health. Like a good dose of haterade in the early morning.

  8. W&M is GOOD for what ails ya. I will gladly wear a white coat and a toy stethoscope and stand in front of a fake diploma and say it to camera. (Toy stethoscopes and fake diplomas are far more convincing than the real thing; also we don't wear white coats as they spread infections, thereby denying me my right to walk around the hospital looking like an uppity wanker).

  9. W&M is EXCELLENT for your mental health. 100% of blogging psychiatrists agree.

  10. Peonies, you sure do!

    BIP, awwwwww "haterade"? Sad, I don't wanna be a hater. I just EDITORIALIZE.

    agirl, ooooooooooohhhh, pls psychoanalyze me!

  11. I'm going to say that to someone this week and it will be all. your. fault.



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