Thursday, August 12, 2010


This one time, we found my mom cleaning the pool in the eye of a monsoon. Tall metal pole, bobbing, her dress, a swirl. Perhaps she had a death wish. Or maybe she just craved some excitement in her life.

Either way, there's nothing quite like the smell right before a monsoon. The air is electric.

photo via onebadapple


  1. ohmygodteepeesandcactiandpoolsandmonsoonsfuck

    i miss that smell SO MUCH. we don't get it here.

  2. i didn't spend nearly enough time in the AZ this summer. look at you, tricking me into missing that scalp-cracklin' heat.

  3. i suddenly want to go to tucson like, so bad.


  4. Fuck the Ace Palm Springs... let's all go to Hotel Congress!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. and zachary's pizza, oh my god.

  6. hotel conGRESSSSSS! my borther in law has worked at the tap room since lord knows when. i want ben's band to do a little desert tour SO BAD; :::Joshua Tree; pappy & harriets ::: Tucson; Club Congress ::: Bisbee; TBD:::

    The only prob with congress is no pool. :(

  7. i actually kind of miss monsoons in Asia. just a little though.


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