Monday, August 16, 2010

Stay Foxy with Cold Plasma

Want jar of some fancy pants Perricone MD Cold Plasma creme?

Alls ya have to do is leave a comment revealing why you want/need Cold Plasma. As a secondary request, I'd personally like to know who you would like to strip nude and dip in a vat of Cold Plasma.

A winner* will be selected on Monday the 23rd. 

Other schtuff :
99 Bite Bars, (but a bitch ain't one)

*US & Canada only - sowwy


  1. This is not an entry. I just wanted to know if this is good shit. I need a new moisturiser (not that I'm wrinkly but I'm turning 30 next year) and I thought I'd stock up while i'm in the States. That shit is so much cheaper there.

  2. I need cold plasma because it is easier than getting a new face (NuFace), which is what my eyebrow waxer just told me I need for my "lazy eyebrow" and I am tired of people making this shit up and that says "M.D." which means at least someone went to MED SCHOOL to learn how to make some shit up and that it might even be true that it will help me be beauteous for getting hitched.

    And Alexandar Skaarsgaaaard or however you spell it.

  3. I need need cold plasma! the intensity of the summer sun and being consistently "over served" (as my mother calls it) every time I go out has left me looking less than glowing!

    also i would put alexander skarsgard in some plasma any day of the freaking week.

  4. Don Draper...& the cast of Inception (minus Caine, the chemist, and Cillian)

  5. it would be neat to have one fancy cream/cosmetic just to get the desire to have it out of my system. are these items as special as they want us to believe? i must know.

    and i'd dunk Dita Von Tesse, cause she seems the type to swim in cold cream - i bet she'd giggle coyly.

  6. I could put some hummus in my forehead wrinkle and dip a cracker in it.

    (no, that is not the look I'm going for)

    All of NYC needs a good dipping. Just pour a vat over the entire place - we need our radiance back.

  7. I would love to use Cold Plasma, because I have never tried anything that fancy before. And...I would dip Johnny Depp, of course!

  8. Because I'm running out of Ponds.

    And Don Draper, clearly.

  9. I know I am not allowed to enter, because I live in the UK...
    but I will do it anyway, mostly because I am on the train with a massive lack of sleep and are desperately trying to stay awake and not miss my stop.

    I would love to win this cold plasma stuff because of the same reason. I am exhausted, my sking is as tired as I am.
    Not only that emerging fashion designers lack sleep , they can also not afford putting cold plasma in their face because they spent more than a dayjob income on lace, tulle and thread.
    And after I had my little treatment and look super fresh I can't
    wait to see:

    Daft Punk stripping for me and dipping themselves in the plasma stuff. Just because.


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