Friday, September 24, 2010


Only distance can dull discomfort and most pains. I wonder if I'll reminisce about this period of my life with smudgy delusional fondness. And so the countdown begins...

78 days, 
1875 hours, 
112524 minutes, 
6751446 seconds 

...until Operation Life Reclamation* commences. 

For now, back to macroeconomics. Miss you, bye!

*last day of grad school for both R & me
by  a. mai via ignant


  1. Macroeconomics is the effing WORST. Good luck!

  2. I have two words for you - overdue thesis. I feel your pain. Goodluck and godspeed. Keep a bottle at the ready for the end.

  3. That was kisses, not some triple-x sex thing message. Whoops.

    I never have to sit another exam in my life. I'm so glad about that. my job does require constant study but at least it will be things I want to know about.

  4. k, darling, yes, your words are much much scarier. best to you, too!

    e, congrats again to you! cheers, baby! xxx


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