Thursday, September 02, 2010

Goddamn, you're one suave fucker!

Mind you, this ain't no unsubstantiated girl crush. This shit is deep. 

OK, Elle, you've redeemed yourself for that time you tried to get me to dress like a cumdumpster. All is forgiven. You'd better go and thank Kate for this fantastic Blue Velvet spread.

What are you waiting for?! GO!!

[click to enlarge]


  1. okay.
    a) isabella rossellini is a goddess and always will be.
    b) blue velvet is instant on Netflix right now, fyi to everyone who hasn't seen it - GO!
    c) i hadn't heard the term cumdumpster until only a few weeks ago and thought the girl who said it was a brilliant genius. and then i heard it everywhere. but still think it's the best term ever made.

  2. I have that page torn out and taped to my wall above my sewing machine. velllllvveett.

  3. Aah, you always use the word "cum" so poetically.

    Is "Lynchian" a word? If not, I'm using it anyway.

  4. melina:
    a)did you see her in 30rock? so so good
    c)predatory recognition

    emily: awesome!! i need some velvet in my life. btw, you own gold lion? what are you hours? i want to say hi someday. did you get your lotion yet?

    elissa: i say that a lot, huh? lynchian is totally a good good word.

    clara: hi! thank you!! i like yours, too. i see you have a diabeetus cat! cool!

  5. I did own gold lion, but it is closed... sometimes I post items on etsy but I don't have anything up right now. I let you know when I do.

    Also, I have not received the lotion but I bet it will be here any moment. I can't wait to slather it on. Thanks!


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