Wednesday, September 08, 2010

When I'm with you...

When I was younger, I used to pride myself on being obnoxiously autonomous. So much so, that'd sometimes I'd wind up pushing people who mattered the most away. Over-overcompensated.

I later learned the hard way that it's hard to be so hard. Not to mention that it really doesn't get you anywhere -- anywhere good, at least.

These days I find myself being a total Klingon. Ridged forehead and all. Instead of compartmentalizing it as unsettling, like I used to... I'm just letting it simmer and melt into a warm spot.

The spot that says, "Like, wow, after 12 years, all I want to do is hang out this person all day and all night."

I'll pass the time by counting down our next encounter, while simultaneously dreading our next departure.

holga on the highline photo by firstmilk 
...I know, I know, wrong coast. Oops.

BTW, Best Coast, so so good.


  1. yes, i agree, great photo. love the highline especially on colder days when it's quiet up there. i love how the phillips de pury and company logo is in the background. immediately simon's (pronounced seee-moan) accented voice pops into my head after watching that bravo work of art show. did anyone who doesn't live in nyc actually watch that show? sorry, i ramble sometimes.

  2. Careful Hair! i love Careful Hair. if i wasn't such a prude i'd make you guys be swingers with us.

  3. you're all cute and whatnot.

    i've been broken of my autonomy, too. it's crazy.

  4. So glad it turned out, lady!

    It's true: you guys are the cutest Klingons on the block. (In the galaxy? I'm really not sure how all that space stuff works.)

  5. swingers! :O i love laurenisms. keep them coming, please.

  6. thank you, liz. strange, innit??

  7. cougs, i didn't watch that show :/ but i bet the highline is nice when chilly.

    elissa ♥

    sue, best compliment ever!


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