Friday, September 03, 2010

Yeah, but...

Yeah, but, these would make death a whole lot sweeter, non?

shoes by loubie


  1. That's right. The point is not to avoid dying but to die HAPPY!

  2. hahaha so very true. i love Caitlin Shearer's work (her watercolor portraits are orgasmic, i swear) but this is perfect. i don't have an over abundance of shoes...but if i had the $$$ i would totally buy out my favorite shoe store (that i may or may not press my nose to the window against at least a few times a week...)

  3. Also if there is an afterlife (probs not) these shoes would get you noticed and loved by the devil.

  4. Oh definitely! I hope when I die I'm wearing those, ha!

  5. casey moore shoes.



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