Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Likes: Consumption Edition

Life's littlest luxuries:
  • drinking through straws, even though it gives you sphincter lips
  • eating fast food on china with silverware
  • leaving the last sip of orange juice
  • using (Bounty) paper towels for napkins
  • drinking straight from the bottle
  • making ice cubes in a tray
  • mixing savories and sweets
  • crinkling the plastic on individually wrapped slices of cheese
  • eating the entire package of something (anything!)
  • drinking non-alcoholic beverages from wine glasses / champagne flutes / mint julep cups
  • finding the crispy transparent french fry 
  • balling up the red wax on baby bells
  • lifting the bowl of cereal milk to your lips
  • eating in bed (shhh!)

Do you have any weird eating habits/likes?


  1. using tortilla chips as a utensil when eating mexican food.

  2. pickle juice chasers. the edible layer of wrapper on botan ame rice candy. pocky in ice water. scissoring through ramen noodles like harpo marx. touching a lit match to a shot when it's already in my mouth.

  3. i used to have SO many, but i've had to modify my eating habits greatly over the past 6 months. now the weirdest thing i do is eat hummus with a spoon.

  4. i only eat the bent, curled up and folded chips, never the straight or flat ones...

  5. i eat things in layers. i used to eat the chocolate off of butterfingers before the peanut shale underneath. and when i ate mcnuggets, i ate the outside first and then the inside. also i have to view and handpick each fingerfood item that i eat, like scoping for chips of the correct size/shape/color. no blind handfuls.

  6. You guys are freaks... I love you!

    Ps lauren, how about raw ramen? I like.

  7. Cold pepperoni pizza when hungover.
    Cutting a Mars bar in half and sprinkling sea salt on it.
    Putting Sriracha on everything.

  8. Awww shiiiiiieeeeet, that marsbar/salt combo is a gamechanger!

  9. *french fries inside my cheeseburger
    *drinking iced tea from mason jars
    *braiding my string cheese
    *baby carrots dipped in whole grain dijon

  10. eating a newly dressed salad with my hands when no one is looking, picking out the most perfectly drenched lettuce leaf and gently shaking off the vinegar a bit before placing it in my mouth, licking the sweet/tart residue off my fingers and going back for more.

  11. EVERYTHING is better with a straw

  12. -mustard,onion sandwiches
    -dipping fortune cookies in tea
    -eating a bowl of bran with a banana in it everyday for breakfast for two years
    -cold lentil soup from the can
    -apples dipped in lemon juice
    -eating edamame while driving

  13. Dear W&M,

    I just wasted two hours of my life on you.


    P.S. Thank you for the best two hours I've had in a long time.

  14. definitely the non-alcoholic drinks out of wine glasses! i remember as a child telling my mom i was gonna drink everything out of margarita glasses when i got older. yikes.

  15. i love cold spaghetti in the morning for breakfast (when no one is looking). I also love to take perfectly good slices of bread, pull out the insides and roll them into little chewy balls. pop'em in your mouth and eat them like candy. :-)

  16. I'm with Richie Designs. I drink Guinness through a straw.

    Also, broccoli with Cajun seasoning for breakfast.

    Natto (fermented soy beans, a Japanese food usually eaten with soy and mustard over rice) sandwiches.

    Eating cereal out of a mug. Or really, anything out of a mug, if I can get it into a mug.


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