Sunday, November 14, 2010

"...a video or whatever you'd like."

May I tell you a little about R's dad's old friend, Bob, who lives in Alaska?

He wears Terry Richardson glasses, but sincerely.
His closet (I'd imagine) consists of an array of plaid snappy button western shirts, filled with pocket protectors, but sincerely.

His hair looks like a tuft of white wispy cotton candy.
He pushes up his glasses with his finger, fork in hand, while intently telling you a tale.

He's an archaeologist who loves genealogy; gave R lots of rocks, gems, and dinosaur bits as a kid.
His 95 year old mother, Blanche, is is best friend.

He never forgets a birthday nor anniversary.
He still insists on sending $20 checks, which we feel bad about cashing, but is like, the cutest thing ever, right?

Here's my favorite part of the card that accompanied this year's check. It makes my heart explode.


  1. you should spend it on something VHS-ish.
    Like these:
    tape skins

  2. great idea, melody! save, i don't have ANY of those products to put a skin on... #skinfail.

  3. thx, jayjay!

    (can i call you that? i can call you that, right? imma call you that.)

  4. *love* handwritten anything.


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