Wednesday, December 08, 2010

In other news...

...a stray dog strutted out in front of my car today and I didn't murder it.
Ah, progress.

...I found this on my car today. 
I felt a lil' snarky and stuck it back onto their car.

...I've come to grips with my parent's inevitable mortality.
No, this isn't a photo from's from my parent's garage. Those THREE PALLETS of Chivas will last my dad about as many months. If he's not worried, then I'm not worried. He should just enjoy his twilight. Fuck it.


  1. I just died over the cases of Chivas. HOLY. SHIT. I can relate. It's pretty much all my dad will drink.

  2. So glad you got my note.....

  3. that note kills me. why are people such assholes?

  4. i like selfish Parker.

    I like with a cute but selfish Parker.

  5. ps. I love your little "thanks"

  6. I saw this book "1001 Beers to drink before you die" in Kmart the other day. I wonder if the death is related to drinking all those beers?

  7. that note would have made my day!! hahaha


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