Thursday, December 02, 2010

U.F.: Letterpress Edition

OMG, my latest unhealthy fixation is the burning desire to get a letterpress machine. Sure, I live in a sq ft condominium, whateves. Who needs an office-slash-guest room?!?  Who needs a place to park their car?!? I think I could make this work!

Just imagine all the obscenities I could press into paper and mail to you guys! My head is swimming, no, DROWNING with all the possibilities. Maybe (hopefully) this too shall pass. But, these people aren't helping!

Can any letterpress lovelies give me some guidance? How do I go about my dream to own a letterpress? More importantly, how do I convince my better half that a 1200lb piece of resource intensive equipment is a wise acquisition for a fickle bitch like me?


Thanks in advance,



  1. I am of no help at all..I say GO for it!!
    Seriously, how rad would that be.

  2. Oops, I lent my camera to my Dad and he saw the obscenities I made with my Christmas decorations and told me off.

    Surely you don't need a kitchen? That's what restaurants are for. You can just put the press in the kitchen.

    I also have a letterpress obsession. I have a huge drawer full of cards and notelets and I show no signs of slowing...

  3. baby steps darling...

  4. I thought the same thing, until I went here and realized how complicated it all is, a real art form. There are old posts on the history of the equipment, best books, etc.

  5. ugh tell me about it.

    next on my list.

  6. I only want one if the letters come to life after dark, and dance around to West Side Story.. oh wait.

  7. haha! i was trying to convince one of my favorite printers to dust off her dad's old heidelberg yesterday. she thought i was joking. NOT>last night i went to sleep dreaming of bringing it home. as if.

    she (the wonderful printer) knows how hard the machine is to run, how much of a pure art it is. even still...

  8. i dunno, w&m. that sq ft condominium of yours is so pristine.

  9. you know you don't have to get a 1200lb machine to rock out some pretty good impressions...

  10. i *tried* to take a letterpress class from an unnamed blogger and homegirl never returned my emails. wtf?

    my point is, maybe you can find some local classes and print all your fabulocities (s/p?) during class time. if you just can't get enough, then yeah, convert that garage!

  11. I went through this the other day with my man and he quickly shut me down.

  12. it was the meh card, wasn't it? :) stupid men.

  13. from one of your crazy letterpress persons...

    I took classes on and off for 5+ years before buying my press. You have to LOVE it or it won't work / stick.

    I didn't love hand setting type but I did love linoleum carvings so I printed a lot of that at first and then realized I could make plates from digital files without setting little pieces of type and I was hooked.

    I researched a great deal - my instructor helped me find a good press in the end.

    I ended up spending about $6000 setting up my studio, which at the time seemed insane since I was just doing it as a hobby. A year later when I got laid off from my ad job, I realized well hell – lets give it a full attempt here.

    It's hard work, no joke. Sometimes it's horribly difficult to problem solve yourself out of something that's not working on press [fine if it's your own, no so much if it's for a client]

    if you just want to make stuff...I suggest soft linoleum blocks [they're kind obig erasers] carve away, brayer ink and print up a storm.

  14. You can get small ones! My mother lives in a tiny studio granny flat thing and she has one, it lives under her dining room table...


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