Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Case of the Mysterious Dirty Cakes

"for one thing, that's my pig. 
for another, amanda and i saw four thousand dirty cakes in williamsburg and thought of you."

Received this curious gem of a comment the other day. Not exactly sure what it means. Spent a considerable amount of time googling "four thousand dirty cakes + williamsburg." Not a movie, nor an art installation... possibly a bakery liquidation?

I think I don't get it because, to be honest, Lauren is too smart for me. Homegirl's got me googling like no other ALL THE TIME. I love her brain, love her heart even more. All I could think of was this, but alas, I think those are dirty pillows, not cakes. And these pillows are not dirty, in fact, squeaky clean. It really floors me when people take the time to let me know when they see things that remind them of me. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Might just be one of the best things ever. Of course, I take everything as a compliment.



  1. the fact that i read this post IMMEDIATELY after emailing my friend a photo of a bicycle on a bookshelf because it reminded me of her only strengthens my belief that we (you + i) were separated at birth.


  2. sometimes lauren is being erudite and sometimes she's just being BIZARRE.


  3. But isn't that sense of someone just that bit smarter than you great? Like the best tickle ever? Oh. Maybe that's a weird quirk on my part.

  4. off to silence ESB with a mackerel and some twine!

  5. @naz- you are sweet, and a good friend.

    @esb- i love it all.

    @LPC- yes. it's exhilarating. and she's much more than a bit smarter.

    @lauren- don't ever stop.

  6. SO not true, BTW. (re: @LPC)

  7. that comment had me so confused too. glad to know i'm not the only one who thinks lauren's smarts are insane.

  8. My sister dragged me to a wedding expo last year and there were a husband and wife team who made wedding cakes but also did the best Hen's Night (Bachelorette Party) cakes shaped like giant penises! (They had "breasts bursting out of too-small bra" cakes too but those didn't have the same appeal for me.) My sister wouldn't let me get one for her.


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