Friday, January 21, 2011

Fashion + Prose

"Never underestimate the power of style over substance" is the tagline to one of my all-time favorite places on the internet, Shit Threads No Friends. A streetstyle/fashion blog with turn of phrase like you wouldn't believe. You'll find the mysterious scribe, Miles, saying things like...
"Emilie Muller is the guilty party whose managed to immortalise the ebb and flow of youth in all its bone china fine arms and fragile knees… she looks like she might float"
"The lightness of this jacket/shrug is tangible and with the softness floating in front of the clouds it imitates contrasting hard with the betty’s angles and angry vacancy, this really is burn that burns." it's no. big. thang. The other day, I popped over came crashing head on into this:
I hemmed and hawed and missed my opportunity. Bona Drag had taken this In God We Trust biznazz card holder down when I went to window shop it today. Blergh.


  1. Hey, wow that really is props. Blush. As for circle jerks, they are my preferred method of introduction at meet and greets. They get through so many awkward social barriers...

    MW x

  2. Ok, so let me tell you a little secret: you can go buy yourself a plain metal business card holder and something sharp that can scratch metal and do it yourself. The hub got me their 'Cheers Motherfucker' and I was kinda disappointed cause I could have done a way better job scratching that shit into it. I know, I know I hate the 'I COULD MAKE THAT MYSELF WITH TOENAILS AND FRENCH PRESS COFFEE' shit, but I do make exceptions-this is one of them.

  3. The thing about Miles is: I like the way he says "getaway sticks" in that cute little accent of his.


  5. @erica, yes, yes, best best!

    @miles, agreed!


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