Monday, February 07, 2011

U.F.: Going Bananas Edition

As she was about to make another deposit, it suddenly occurred to her that her good intentions of learning her dear mother's banana bread recipe could be dangerously veering into hoarding territory.

two weeks prior

"C'mon, when are you ever going to find the time to make banana bread?! SNAP OUT OF IT. Pick up that plastic bag next to you, weakling!"

And like that, an out of body experience of sorts, she blankly carried a strained plastic bag full of twenty-one frozen little corpses down to the garbage.


  1. 21?!?!? LADY! A&E is calling your name.

  2. taking the corpses to the garbage is the worst.

  3. you could have made about 7 batches or 14 loaves of bread with those!

  4. Awwwww, I had to throw out 4 frozen bananas recently because we started hoarding more frozen leftovers and mega meat stockage, no room! Plus the last few times I've made banana bread, we end up with frozen loafs or moldy muffins on top of the banana hoarding...


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