Sunday, February 06, 2011

Little Shop of Secrets

GAH!!! I was milling through my mum's old photos, gathering photos and information for Threadbare's Of Another Fashion project and stumbled upon a secret life of my mum's! 

I saw this photo and asked her where it was taken. Nonchalantly, she said, "Oh, that was in my plant shop in LA."

< insert record skip screech >
"You owned a PLANT SHOP??? IN LA????" I shrieked.

"Yeah, it barely broke even. Then I got tired of it after a while," cool as a cucumber.

Eat your heart out, Brooklynites. O.G. Pendleton. Har!

[DAMN, GINA!!! Tisha Campbell from Martin as a Chiffon.]


  1. super rad. i'm a little jealous!

  2. Isn't it the coolest when you find out about Secret Family 007 lives, esp. your parents?
    And wow, what a fun secret to find out! But, what if it was a front?! What if she really WAS a spy and the plant shop just provided the perfect...wait...shh. I've probably said too much already... :)

  3. wowza! Really amazing! Your mum, so chic.

  4. EGADS!
    Your momma was an adorable little hottie.
    It's so much better that you found these killer photos instead of stumbling upon a graveyard of macrame plant hangers in the attic.

    when you come visit the MIA I'll take you to plant the future so you can feel superior to having been there 30 years earlier. scoff.

  5. OH MY GOD

    i want her plant shop in my living room.

    how cute is she.

  6. the green thumb gene was definitely NOT passed down :)

    jamie, i thought of you when i saw these!

    melody, so true!

  7. Dude, you are like a spitting image of your mom. And these pictures are great. :)
    Brannan just found out too that his parents ran a small plant wholesale business in CA either before he was born or before they moved to TX.

  8. oh hi, can i live in your mom's plant shop... and wear her turtleneck sweater?

  9. This is so interesting! I love plants, so these pics make my thumb turn green with envy (har-har). I have one of those hanging macrame plant holders. It was my Mom's from the groovy 70's.

  10. do you know where the shop was (crossroads)...

    ...i adore your mother!


  11. your mama continues to up the cool mama ante.


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