Thursday, March 17, 2011


This has been a hard, emotionally taxing week, right? Fortunately, all of our friends and friends and family of friends have been accounted for and are OK from the earthquake. We can only hope that the nuclear troubles are resolved swiftly and safely. 

I wish my mom would get off my fucking back about cancelling our trip to Japan in NOVEMBER. Sheesh. They'll need some economic stimulation after this ordeal.

For those who have waxed poetic, but haven't donated to the relief efforts, shut the fuck up and put your money where your mouth is. Every little bit helps.

Check it. (Or any other organization you prefer.)


  1. so glad to hear your family and friends are ok. such a truly awful tragedy. my money has been put where my mouth is.

  2. the reporting of the multiple crises in japan is frustrating at best. don't cancel your trip. invite me to come with you.

  3. I like cevd's way of thinking.

  4. gosh...haven't been here in a few days. sorry about your aunt.


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