Monday, March 21, 2011


Cat's got my tongue because it's becoming increasingly difficult to make sense of things lately, personally and globally.

I was rather chuffed when my mumsy declared that all the recent catastrophic goings on were "foreplay" to 2012. Through watery eyes, I had to break it to her that the word that would illustrate her intent was "foreshadowing" and that "foreplay" was something different all together, "sex-related."

Well, I s'ppose one could be quite discouraged by recent catastrophic goings on OR one could simply adjust one's point of view and be quite encouraged. If a certain joy could be derived from the seemingly endless series of destruction, then I think the old adage of "mum's always right" still holds true. T'was indeed foreplay all along!


  1. foreplay, what a spooky play on words.

  2. I'm just kind of running off of what I learned from Hollywood, but don't people f* like bunnies at the end of the world, anyway? Like, "We're all gonna die anyways, why not live like we mean it, baby?"

  3. Oh, and, um, the video maybe made me LOL. Does that make me deranged?

  4. em, right?

    TOTES, BIP. But what if the world doesn't end? We end up with AIDS and flipper babies. But I hear ya, girl. I laughed too. Glad you liked it!

  5. What is this flipper babies you speak of?


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