Thursday, May 19, 2011

Good mornin'

I operate under the general assumption that people who eat breakfast everyday are more trustworthy. This is not founded by any supporting evidence.

Full disclosure: I don't eat breakfast. Unless a spotted banana and copious amounts of coffee count.

Do you eat breakfast?
What do you eat?
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  1. i hate breakfast.

    but i drink coffee every morning.

    if i do eat breakfast, it involves 2 eggs. during the week, hardboiled. weekend? over easy w/ 2 pieces of turkey bacon. the reason i don't eat it every day is because it involves a certain amount of preparation, which i can't handle.

  2. If your house was on fire, would you save your breakfast?

  3. I'm never, ever hungry first thing in the morning, so iced coffee's about it (if anything - more often than not I scrounge for some tea at work so I can wake up). then around 10 am I'm STARVING and I eat an orange or some frozen blueberries lugged from home.... if I remembered to bring them...

  4. a cup of coffee at home, oatmeal from the cafeteria at work, another cup of coffee at my desk. i'd skip the oatmeal, but it kick-starts my metabolism in the morning; i'm a vain old thing.

  5. Truly horrifying sprouted grain health cereal. I'm a glutton for punishment.

  6. Yoghurt or oatmeal, black tea with milk.

  7. multi-seed rice bread toast. with goat cheese. at 12pm.


  8. look at these honkies wasting all that good food.

  9. i have to eat in the morning or else i get shakey and weak and want to faint or barf. attractive, right? the only time i don't eat is when i am obsessively working on something, but even then i find time to sneak in treat. its a must. that and i like your theory.

  10. I'm the crabbiest motherfucker if I don't get my breakfast in.

  11. Bran with a banana and almond milk plus coffee. Every single day forever. Sometimes I go a little crazy and get unfrosted shredded wheat instead.

    I'm basically 80 years old.

  12. banana and coffee are definitely breakfast. that's joe's daily breakfast too. :)

    i eat breakfast EVERY DAY within 15 minutes of waking up. even if we're going out for breakfast, i'll still have my meal at home and then probably skip lunch.

    1 bowl of high fiber cereal
    nonfat yogurt with granola and a drizzle of maple syrup
    2 poached eggs with one slice of buttered multigrain toast
    1 slice of peanut butter toast with a drizzle of honey


    1 small cup of coffee with half and half and sugar


    1 sliced apple or orange

  13. coffee coffee coffee and more coffee.

    after that steel cut oatmeal with mixed berries or a slice of whole grain sprouted toast with some smelly overpriced cheese.

  14. @naurnie, i'm so with you.

    @borellana, BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA, my vintage kitchen aid mixer, of course.

    @kat, ugh... i get so worthless after 10, because alls i'm thinking about is lunch!

    @lauren, good advice! i had oatmeal this AM!

    @evencleveland, bwhahaha, that sounds gnarly. my oatmeal is coated with maple and brown sugar and activates with hot water.

    @Amanda, exactly what I would've imagined you to eat for breakfast. classic.

    @east side bride, MY HERO.

    @Anonymous #1, SRSLY!

    @Bianca, very cute. I want to feed you.

    @STOP IT RIGHT NOW, haha, someone i love dearly is the same way. i always make sure he has a snack before we go on an outing.

    @Holly, i'm loving your consistency. i'll check in with you when you're 80... (if i'm still alive!!)

    @Celia, of course! you're a chef, i'd expect nothing less.

    @Anonymous #2, yes yes yes on the coffee and more coffee! i need to try these steel cut oats. cheese in the AM is awesome.

    you guys are the best.


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