Friday, May 06, 2011

Summer Vows

Oh, hello, Summer. You snuck up on me this year! I know I'm usually super cunty to you, but this year, baby, I vow to be different.

This summer, I vow to:
  1. Wear a bathing suit and go swimming
  2. Not complain about the heat
  3. Attend at least 2 BBQs
  4. Bask in your warm embrace when the office is an icebox
  5. Wear sunscreen
  6. Not wear too much sunscreen (I've been diagnosed with severe Vitamin D deficiency--- However, I also think that Vitamin D deficiency is the new depression/fad diagnosis, etc.)
  7. Manage the appearance of well kempt feet
  8. Get buff (see no. 1)
  9. Go to Palm Springs
  10. Lay down in the grass with my hands behind my head
photo via brotographs


  1. Eat lots of mushrooms! They are an excellent source of vitamin D.
    Also, wieners.

  2. youre a genius

  3. Babygirl, I do eat lots of wieners.

  4. #2 for me would be impossible. but here is hoping to not being a negative nancy this summer and basking in its rays. super rad picture!

  5. Best picture ever. Weiners.

    Hot, sweaty weather can suck it. Mild, balmy days for the win.

  6. SCIENCE! it only takes about 15 min of sun/day to get the vitamin D you need. wieners, on the other hand.

  7. got where do you find these images?

    vitamin D is SO the in thing. it's been annoying me.

    love your list, obv.

    seven and 8, yeah.

  8. We have the exact same summer list. But maybe because I just stole it from you right this second. But it all fits perfectly. (as per usual) xx

  9. in other news, that Mr. T profile pic really weirds me out.

  10. does sunscreen block out vitamin d?? weird.

  11. I love it! and I miss you maybe you can put on your swimming suit and come over to my pool someday!


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