Monday, May 09, 2011


So, so many have been touting the awesomeness that is Pinterest, I thought I'd offer a fair and balanced view. I've been on it for several months now, and I can report a somewhat paradoxical reaction. While my buddies were pinning away, I was diving into an existential tailspin of sorts*.

Like with most everything, I am head-over-heels-all-in about something/someone during the initial infatuation phase. (The person who knows me best called me fickle once upon a time, and I was offended, but goddamn was he ever right.) I pinnnnnnnnnned like a mad woman for the first few days. Pinned like Madeleine Albright, as kidchamp so aptly put it.

Exhibit A**
As my "boards" were starting to form, I began to feel extremely two-dimensional (at best). Flat, cliche. My interests were Freja, big hair, eyeliner, some fake dark shit, bicycles (!? despite rarely riding IRL), geriatrics/silver foxes, stripes, letters, David Shrigley, myself, some hipster books, meatloaf, etc. etc. I was boiled down to a simple, predictable list. 

Ew, that's it?!? This is what I'm about? --was the feeling I was getting. Maybe I wasn't following enough people, but my homepage was just one massive repin. Then, heavy real life shit happened and I'm reminded that I'm a twat who should pull her head out of her ass and... seriously, WHO CARES about any of this fuckery?!?

Trifecta = Freja + big hair + gobs of eyeliner

All that said, who'd like an invite? I have six.

*the internet tends to have that effect on me
**are you weirded out that I saved this?
photos via pinterest, duh!


  1. while your pins are somewhat cohesive, mine are ALL OVER THE PLACE. it's driving me nuts for pretty much the same reason. probably explains why I have Mexican coconut masks hanging above a shabby chic-esque sideboard with an Ikea mirror outside my bathroom. you'd think a blind schizophrenic Etsy nutcase put together my house.

    I LOVE EVERYTHING. and it sucks.

  2. I agree with all of the above. I've only pinned about 3 things since the original burst of enthusiasm but I still have several new followers every day (hmm must deactivate those emails). Weird.

  3. if you have an extra... I'm curious.

  4. I've become non dimensional. Catching up on yesterdays news is all I can handle.

    I need the internets regurgitated to me.

    Maybe I'm not fit for this world any mores.

    ily, imy


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