Wednesday, July 27, 2011

AKA The Most Boring Post Ever

  • Unlocked my Twitter account. It's a free for all, y'all!
  • Having fun on G+... add me to your People That I Liked Better Before I Knew Way Too Much About Them circle! 
  • Constantly feeling so grateful for all of you guys. You make life less lonely.
  • Attempting to workout again, despite my main motivation to go to the gym, Cash Cab, changing times on me. Come back, Ben Bailey, I'm getting chunkay!
  • Catching up on correspondence; using up some old stock before a) postage increase b) Hoarders shows up at my doorstep c) I can justify buying awesome new stamps/paper
  • Reconciling the fact that summer is almost over (even though the weather doesn't know that until after Halloween)
  • Enjoying monsoon season in the desert. I have THE most hilarious video of my dog having a panic attack (so mean, will upload). 
  • Experimenting with Urban Decay eye shadows & can't stop watching Pixiwoo tutorials
  • Going on weekly romantic pizza dates at Pizzeria Bianco


  1. But you're in the desert, which renders everything in a different light.

  2. I miss you, boo! Also having the same stationery issues, but I just got a penpal through someone on tumblr, so it's someone new who hasn't seen all my hoarded paper/cards/envelopes. Then I can buy new crap!!!

  3. +LPC, huh?

    +1sourapple, i neeeeeed to write to you. will you have a new address soon? please advise.

  4. For some reason I thought you lived in California! So cool that you write real letters, I keep buying stationary and intentions to write them to specific people but I keep procrastinating and not establishing a habit!


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