Thursday, July 14, 2011

For Introverts:

"Pro: Acquaintances think you’re smart.
Con: Acquaintances think you are upset when they meet you.
Pro: You’re seen as “chill.”
Con: You aren’t sure if you’re “chill” or “a doormat.” 

Pro: There seems to be a group of individuals who romantically pursue introverted people almost exclusively. 
Con: Less people are romantically interested in you.*
Pro: You can enjoy a symbiotic, BFF-esque relationship with a loud person. 


  1. People tell me that I come across as very intense just because I am quiet. I know it's not because I'm tall.

  2. I find that people are afraid of me at first.

    It's. Great.

  3. i'm a loud person... but i promise to do my best to never violate any of those 10 things to make you feel bad.

  4. I just don't think people will like me at all.

    Woe is me.

  5. No comment.

  6. Con: people think you're stuck-up.

    I have not encountered any of these lovers who seek out introverts. Damn.

  7. All VERY very true. From experience.

  8. +kyli, awesome. how tall are you? sounds hot.

    +amanda, really? you are a sweetie pie, but very forward (see: mondrian garden table force.)

    +naurnie, but you're southern, so this is ok.thank you for your word.

    +anna, STFU.

    +anon, perfect comment for the introvert.

    +cerebral e, maybe they're too shy?

    +jayne, same.


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