Wednesday, August 17, 2011


David Shrigley 2007

I often lament about what happens to all of this when I finally leave this earth to greet my 40 virgins in heaven. Apparently, TED has been too. In his lecture, Adam Ostrow wonders if your online personality could live on, long past your expiration date.

Through that, I found That Can Be My Next Tweet, a site that generates your future tweets based on existing ones. You guys, it's SO. MUCH. FUN. Here's a smattering of a few that popped up for mine.

I'm dead. Come And I'm finally an ear infuction. This tweet for the iPhone V. I improvised with a given.

Just got lectured by bringing Freja Beha photos to an unsuspecting grad student : quitters never prosper.


There's poop on your hair appointment. xoxo, You/Me.

Prada or symposium? Thanks for disappointment by my day! Pacman, I'm avidly responding to cut down to be!

Playing Words with some hot perm action: +1 I sound like a glove box maxi pad.

NOM! <3 this butt hutt. Gag me tweet because he had a funk. Hello, handsome! Happy birthday, Joy!

Spilled coffee on G+. I don't own any, but I'm Jewish!

&hearts; but now I don't already have one... Is it feels EXACTLY like hot jizz. The HIGHLINE! YOUR DAD.

I want to work on my day! Pacman, I'm for the fun/nasty stuff on W&M. I'm avidly responding to your new!

There's poop on My new headsuit, leatha hi tops, & it in that they are OK!

Take it for a whirl, and if you get some gems, please humor me and put them in the comments below!


  1. Haven't done it, but now I know there's no fucking way to top those. AMAZEBALLS.

  2. You took all the good ones. P.S. Awesome!

    "Let's put my latest pitch for your camera. I don;t want to see someone. Treason!"

    "Saw him as our childish zeal. he he is that *almost* makes me bitter much?! oh so sorry. it and booze."

  3. "An amazon shopping cart with an extra therapy! Ew. peak summertime yessss! adorbs!"

    ps YOUR DAD

  4. Questions:

    "Fingerwaves: how many ladies are basically pornographic. I would search for a spare tampon to feel like!"


    "You look great! Well, you from a shit under my breath. The pair of cool, damp washcloths."

  5. C'mon, Kat, I know you can!

    +Anna, the Brits just have more fun, don't they??

    +Ariela, beautiful categorization. I'm so into the Fingerwaves/tampon one. Also, "YOUR DAD" and "hot jizz" should never be in the same sentence. I'm pretty sure I was telling @eastchelsea how hot her dad is...

  6. Oh no it did not:

    "OMFG STFU already. I would spew from last night. Just squeed a bummer!! Looking forward to support."

    what fun. Thanks for sharing!

  7. +Kat, HEHE!

    honestly, i'm more surprised there's not more mention of pizza or hoarders.

  8. you and poop!
    you are funny!!!

  9. I hazily recall an entire evening once wasted on this website. Thank you for sending me back over the dark edge once again.

    "Everyone wins, and I violated my gchat status to waste a rock star out. Ooh! Ooh! What kind of America."'

    "I don't change from a one-bedroom so very very very very very very happy & peanut butter cookies + 80s!"

    "HOLYSHIT! HOORAY! huzzah! AGREED. I had the din of you, but so surprised they didn't ask too."

    "I roofied you. Huzzah for houseguests brings out to Knoxville, TN, to watch them get up in Denver."

    "Mother-in-law is a mountain of personality types."
    ( did you know?)

    "I get arrested, and got Lil Jon's Get Low as rock star, I'd have an opportunity to take a pile of sleep."

    "What kind of the funny. I think I hear you're almost afraid to, actually."

    "This is gone. Cue wailing and then I slay me think I am looking forward to die. 2 hours of you."
    (Oh god, TCBMNT! has been listening to Morrissey again)

  10. I sometimes wonder if I got hit by the "beer truck" who would tell you all that I'm gone. The dude can barely log into his email without getting lost.

  11. +mle jean, freud (and ESB) would say i haven't advanced past the anal stage.

    +lyn, this site is so addictingly hilarious!

    +richie, my old man is super analogue, too. i wonder if there are any blogger couples out there... also love your wedding invites!!!!!!!

  12. BAHAHAHA! I wish I had more tweets, so I could play, too.

  13. +amy, hurry up and get tweetin'!

  14. This is old news, but I still thought you'd appreciate them:

    "7:45am The Science of the only get over how I Take a shirt. Even manual laborers support the world."

    "Just saw Sia walking out to listen to diarrhea in a Book Recommendation from time to stay up your."

    "Tumblr is my infant daughter. Sushi, Chet Baker, Tumblr and her children."


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