Thursday, August 25, 2011


For those of you who don't give a shit if the world knows you're a pill popping bitch, I salute you (& Cast of Vices). 

via the brilliant Richie Designs, my drug dealer* 
*my drug is stationary


  1. what does it say about me that i didn't recognize a generic xanbar?

    in vaguely related news, the free shit table at the office yielded an "angel dust"-scented bottle of bubble bath the other day. i laugh every time i see it in our shower.

    out the window,

  2. it says you're chill and in control of your life and you're not a pill popping bitch.

    ooh! speaking about shower funnies, i was at my parents house yesterday, and saw that they had Blue Buffalo botanicals in their shower. Pour Le Chiens.

  3. If only they made this neckalce in adderall form...ha!

  4. +J&J, there's vicodin, soma, but no adderall :(

  5. I'll hold out for my addy, thanks. Also, thanks for the comment on my Calling a Spade... blog! You're the one with the coolest blog name around, lady!

  6. isn't this jewelry the most awesome ever? I wish I had the balls to wear the vicodin.

    thanks for the shout out! I'll be your paper pusher anytime!

  7. wish they had one of my dumb pills.

    in other news, I MISSED YOUR BLOG! WHERE HAVE I BEEN????

  8. You've been PREMIERING a movie!!!!!! (But I've missed you here. Welcome back.)


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