Monday, August 01, 2011

Hey Ho, Not Fair!

Sometimes the perfect band name has already been taken and there is nothing to do but stomp your feet and scream, "NOT FAIR!" and make lots and lots of empty threats. Here are two prime examples that haunt me day in and day out.
The Riff Randalls. SO clever to name your band after the lead character in a movie about the coolest creatures ever to walk the face of the earth.* To make matters worse, they are a pretty fucking awesome band, too. Phooey!

Then there's Cat Party. CAT PARTY. OK, this might not be kosher because we're kind of in the same "scene" or whateves, but they suck/take themselves too seriously and their band name is awesome, and that just ain't right. (R or) I (can't remember who came up with it first-- we're blurring together) had the brilliant idea of sending them a fresh decapitated cat head for each day they do not relinquish the name.

Not to mention, there's this awesome blog named Cat Party and they should have the sole rights, if anyone, because they are badass chicks. I mean, just look at that GIFFFFFFFFORFUCKSSAKE. 

*AKA the Ramones


  1. Cat Party is awesome. Puts Cat Power to shame. almost.

  2. G,
    That cat gif just made my week

  3. this is like how the fucking champs came to be. you could do what they did and just be fucking cat party or the fucking riff randalls.

  4. +sherri, totally!

    +borellana, soooooooooo hypnotizing. genius.

    +lauren, fucking cat party? i ain't into that bestiality shit.


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