Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Desultory Delights: No. 10 Video Edition

I drafted the first part of this post a couple of weeks ago. Since then, I got to film MY VERY OWN JAPANESE CAT VIDEO! 

While strolling around Shinjuku looking for a Mister Donut to kill a couple hours before meeting our friend Yuki, I was tempted by a girl holding a large placard plastered with adooooooooooooorable cat photos. I spontaneously dragged Ryan and Makito up the stairs and into the Calico Cat Cafe. This is some bucket list shit right here. 


(GAWD, is there anything worse than hearing your own voice on a recording?! Plz don't judge.)


  1. a cat cafe? just when you think life can't get any better...

    (um, that video of that judge beating his daughter was a bit much for me while hanging out with my girl at 7:30 in the morning. :/)

  2. kidnappin' R's band in 3...2...1...

  3. +C, you were sufficiently warned. (sorry, still)

    +LMO, CUTE! Maybe if you come to PHXXXXXX you can see them!

  4. will you wear your halloween outfit again?

  5. yes. i will tie bells to it.

  6. LOVE THIS. also: I love your herringbone tights. which is weird. I know.

    that is all.

  7. thanks, kat! the theme of my outfit was "pilly."

  8. i know. not your fault at all. the temptation was just to great. what does that say about me?

  9. I'm sooooo jealous! My favorite part of the video is you saying "This one has bitchface."

    1. total bitchface. you would've LURVED it!


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