Sunday, November 06, 2011


How meta would it be if Marc Jacobs got a Muscle Man Marc tattoo?

UPDATE 11/08/11:

“That was probably the greatest honor of my entire life so far. I am the Muscle Man Marc doll on South Park, and I joined the very great ranks of being one of Cartman’s toys — although I get boiled to death at the end of the episode,” he gushed. “I think [South Parkcreators] Matt and Trey are just probably the two most brilliant people in the entire world, and it is definitely my favorite program on TV ... I have two of Cartman’s toys tattooed, one on each forearm — Clyde Frog and the other one is Rumpletumskin.”

“That’ll be my next tattoo, the Muscle Man Marc from South Park,” he said.  [source]

UPDATE 11/16/11:

Excuse me while I clean my brains off of the wall behind me.



  1. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I miss nerdy Marc!

  2. the *newer* marc has never done it for me.

  3. nerdy marc was everyone's favorite.

  4. yeah. i liked the turtlenecks-i can't remember, were they from l.l.bean? or land's end, when it was still kind of nautical and not all sears-y? he wouldn't wear any others (well, that's what the paper said).

    love this.

  5. This makes me tighten my butthole.
    I'm in complete anticipation of what else you're going to predict.


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