Wednesday, December 28, 2011


A dark and dismal downward YouTube spiral. Have you experienced this phenomena where you're looking at something innocuous, then only to realize you've Hansel and Greteled yourself into a dark dark place? Ever been bamboozled by that siren of a "Recommended Videos" sidebar?

Here's a roadmap to my most recent D&DDYTS:

Shit Girls Say Episode 3 [hypnotized by Juliette Lewis' plastic surgery] → Botox Injections → Juvaderm Lip Filler Injections → Breast Lift Surgery → Labiaplasty → Natural Unmedicated Birth

Does this happen to you? What's your worst experience?


  1. I do this on Wikipedia. I fell down a rabbit hole recently reading about hermaphrodites and hoarders, which lead me to serial killers somehow. But I can't remember the path that lead me there.

  2. ohhhhhhhhh is that where the russian doll video came from??????

  3. yes. i regularly end up watching bot fly larvae extractions and methed out hill billies cut open cysts using a rusty knife and ... ew, nevermind.

    i can't believe i am admitting this.

  4. 17, that's fascinating! I also enjoy the zit popping videos, but meth brings it to the next levs.

  5. i would say the only thing i'm guilty of is occasionally checking out the new black eyed peas video.


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