Monday, February 27, 2012

Everyday Jewelry

Clockwise from back:
  • Enamel bangle, a gift from R
  • Quartz bullet necklace that I got from Needles & Pens where Celia dropped me off after a dreamy brunch with her and Cheech AKA what I like to call Career Limiting Jewelry.
  • Sterling spikey earrings that according to R are "a little new agey." I've been advised against pairing these with aforementioned quartz necklace.
  • Minicyn stick earrings
  • Personals & the Pizzas button that I picked up at Budget Rock
  • Mini spike studs from Romantic Standard, Harajuku Tokyo
  • Watch with magnets (hmm, maybe I AM new agey afterall!)
  • Diamond studs from my ma
  • Heist scrabble necklace
  • Signet ring
  • Trinity ring
  • Wedding ring
  • Verameat Vampire Crown ring, a birthday gift from my BFF
  • H enamel cuff
Jack D. Jackalope Jewelry Holder by imm living


  1. I might like ANY jewelry, hung on a jackalope. Oh. Wait. Probably I only like yours.

  2. this is making me want to send you my wisdom tooth.

    1. the highest of honors

    2. I would dip that shit in gold & wear it around my neck!

  3. you wear a watch?! in the age of cell phones, that, gracie o., is punk rock.

  4. Yes! I see a Scrabble Piece in there!!! <3


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