Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One Saved Message

TIP: When you're having a good time, try calling yourself and leaving a voicemail. Save it to your archives. Next time you're having a shit day, dial it up for a reminder of how happy you were in that moment, and try to be more like the person on the other line.

BONUS: It also helps to have you favorite people either on the line, or in the background.

Inspired by an accidental discovery of a voicemail of R testing his car bluetoof dialer, "I like kittens!" And an uncharacteristically giggling giddy version of me eager to join in on the technology fun, "...and puppies!"

...that and season 2 episode 13 of the Sarah Silverman Program where she gets super stoned and leaves herself messages, aptly entitled, "High, It's Sarah."

Instant mood lifter!


  1. so what you're saying is RIGHT NOW would not be a good time for me to leave myself a message.


    1. it could work in the converse, too. a reminder of how you don't want to feel.


  2. Looooove this idea...
    Especially need to listen to that high in post-party morning, after I've passed through the valley of angry-belligerent-gone-too-far and slowly climbing back to sentience.


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