Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Please Hang Up and Dial Again

Fifteen amazing Garfield tattoos. This one is pretty fab, too.

Did any of you ever have a Garfield phone? I didn't, but my uncle did. I yearned for every visit. I'd step through the door, give the half-hearted obligatory hugs, then fly up the stairs to meet my old friend. 

I'd wake him from a deep slumber by picking up the receiver, then proceed to plunge him back into a narcoleptic blackout by slamming it into the cradle. In between this ritual, I'd stop to finger his curved ears and twirl his cord/tail around my pinky.


  1. my grammie had this garfield comforter + sheets set that always smelled like popcorn, and my brother and I would put bologna slices on top of john's face because why the fuck would you put that stupid square's face on a comforter?

  2. That is not a good tattoo, however.


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