Sunday, July 01, 2012

Dear W&M: Is There Any Recovering?


is there any recovering from using the wrong gendered pronoun about a someone in front of her (apparently not a HIM)?


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Dear Nikki,

Sure there is. Just correct yourself, apologize quickly or make a self-deprecating joke, and move on. NBD. Most likely it isn't the first time that has happened to her.

Best advice I've gotten in a long time? It's not awkward if you don't let it be.

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  1. "it's not awkward if you don't let it be"

    gold star

  2. True story: Years ago, my husband was photographing a fancy-pants symphony orchestra party. I "assisted" him by following him around with a notepad writing down people's names to be published alongside their photos in this high society mag. You know, "Mr. So and So and Ms. So and So." Well. This one couple~ a hot young violinist and a much older gent~ gets their photo snapped. She gives me her name, and I write it down. I missed the man's name, so I ask her to repeat, by saying, "Excuse me, what was your father's name again?" She says to me: "That's my husband. Not my father." OOPS!


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