Friday, January 25, 2013

Celia According to Grace

Here's an ode to my friend and blogging accountabilibuddy, Celia. 

Why I love her and why you should too 
(if you don't already --- in no particular order):
  • She's hilarious and makes great meatloaf
  • She has the cutest family ever. I met Cheech once, and I don't even like kids, but I loved this little girl.
  • She's ambitious, entrepreneurial, and brave as hell
  • She has an awesome rack and a buttery voice
  • She runs an sweet vintage shop, Monday's Child and dreams big dreams
On that tip, here's a twisted recap of a convo we had recently:
G: I love your shop. Sorry I don't support it more, but I look stupid in vintage.
C: I'm the same way with boots.
G: R calls my style "future slut/dominatrix."
C: I bet you're good at boots.
G: Hell yeah. I think you're either a vintage girl or a future slut.
C: Hahahaha, only those two?
G: YES! Pick a side!!!


  1. Awesome rack and buttery voice! Bahaha!!
    I love you to the moon and back, Gracie O.

  2. Thanks for sharing her. I love that her little girl's name is Cheech, so awesome. And I miss your posts... :)

    1. she is a darling!

      cheech is short for chicharon! Her real name is Lucia, but i but no one calls her that.

  3. Y'all are cute. I'd fall into the vintage girl category, but FUCK I wish I were a future slut!

    1. you can be anything you want to beeeeeeeeeeee

  4. i have never thought of this before, but yes, these two categories make total sense. i used to be in the Future Slut category and now i'm vintage girl. and that actually kind of makes me sad. i think it's time to go back to head to toe black and fuck me boots.
    also, yay for blogging more. i miss your douchebloggery.

  5. Celia is a pretty special lady.

    What does it say that I am actually incapable of falling into either category? LAME.

    1. you are classic americana. i s'ppose there is a 3rd!

  6. Ok, y'all are both pretty bad ass womens. But I'm with CEVD. I don't think I fit into either category. Sad.


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