Sunday, June 30, 2013

YBIAWL: Part 2 - Cold Feet

Part two of a three part series entitled "Your Body is a Wonderland" dedicated to my maternal grandmother, who graciously allowed me to John Mayer her corpus, in a mostly, nonsexual way.

Growing up in Massachusetts was beautiful. I loved waking up on blustery winter mornings to discover that the snow on the back deck was up to my neck (I was only about 3'7" at the time) and school had been cancelled. I'd bound around outside until I couldn't feel my extremities and had two tiny glimmering snot luges pouring down my face.

Defrosting was another painful story. Teeth still chattering, my grandmother would pluck out my little frozen "dumplings" from underneath the piles of blankets.What she did next was the most altruistic act I can think of anyone doing for anyone, ever.

SIDE BAR: I can only imagine that having four children takes quite the toll on your body. I had heard many legends of my grandmother when I growing up. One that particularly imprinted on me was that by the time my uncle Johnnie was born, she was able to breast feed with him piggyback style by slinging a tit over her shoulder. Not sure how anatomically accurate that is, but what I can say for sure that her tits, were indeed, a magical sanctuary.

She slowly unbuttoned her shirt (I don't think she wore a bra, but if she did, this is the point where she'd take that off, too), lifted up her long, battle-worn breast, nestled my icy foot under, and draped it back over my foot. Her flesh melted down part of my leg. Rinse and repeat with the right sides.

We'd sit there and chat on her twin bed with my feet jammed up under her tits while she chain-smoked. Needles and pins would appear; while the feeling slowly returned. It felt like heaven; it felt like home.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Post Punk

I didn't sell out;

I bought in.

Thursday, June 06, 2013